Keep out of reach of children

Keep out of reach of children

I was floored.

Mrs. Meyers preaches clean alternatives, trusted formulas, plant derived cleaning ingredients, and essential oils… BUT 

There is an actual WARNING SIGN on Mrs. Meyers Clean Day hand soap - “keep out of reach of children”

These ingredients are not safe:
- Cocamidopropl Hydroxysultaine - is used as a surfactant to create lather. It is made by reacting coconut oil with dimenthlaminopropylamine, sodium bisulfite and epichlorohydrin (probable carcinogen.)

- Fragrance - This word legally hides an untold number of chemicals. Phthalates are just one of many chemicals legal hidden under the Fragrance ingredient.

- Sodium Benzoate - When combined with Citric Acid or Vitamin C it forms the chemical benzene, a cancer-causing chemical associated with leukemia and other blood cancers. 

Choose a safe alternative. Pure Haven Moisturizing Hand soap.