Someone’s not telling the truth…

Someone’s not telling the truth…

If you’re like me, you’ve seen influencers all across IG gushing about Dime Beauty products, specifically their hyaluronic acid serum.

I decided to do some investigative work myself…

Dime Beauty claims to be green and clean, and on their website go as far as to list the Environmental Working Group (EWG) ratings of each ingredient in each product, including their hyaluronic acid.

Just for fun, we decided to cross reference the ingredients list against the REAL EWG website and what we found is TRULY DISTURBING.

The ingredient Phenoxyethanol, I found in Dime Beauty’s Hylauranic acid was claimed by the company to be classified as 2 (High Safety) on EWG’s site.

BUT … when I looked into it myself I found the same ingredient listed as a 4 (Moderate Hazard) on EWG site

So who’s not telling the truth?

It’s just not fair! If you’re fed up with brands misleading you and paying influencers to back up their claims, let them know!