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Whether you are sending your kids to summer camp or taking the whole family for a week at the lake, our PURE camp includes all the essentials you need. Enjoy Pure Haven body products like our gentle all-day fresh deodorant and cool peppermint toothpaste. Our Sweet Orange Blossom shampoo, conditioner, and body wash will leave your hair and skin soft and nourished. We’ve packed hand sanitizer and our ouch-free boo boo stick for the inevitable scrape or mess. And, if you have to do laundry at camp, you may as well use Pure Haven laundry detergent made with natural ingredients and essential oils to keep your clothes fresh and clean. Nothing is better than feeling at home when you are away from home.




What’s inside:

  • Pure Haven Hand Sanitizer 
  • Pure Haven Deodorant 
  • Pure Haven Boo Boo Stick 
  • Pure Haven Toothpaste Pure 
  • Pure Haven Body Wash
  • Pure Haven Shampoo 
  • Pure Haven Conditioner
  • Pure Haven Laundry Detergent

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