PURE Travel

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Going on a trip or just going to the gym, we’ve got you covered with PURE travel essentials. Pair our Sweet Orange shampoo, conditioner, and body wash together for a nourishing shower routine that is packed with natural ingredients to fortify and strengthen your hair and body while leaving you smelling like orange blossoms.  After your shower, don’t forget our effective deodorant and Pure Haven body butter to start your day refreshed and moisturized from head to toe. With healthy hair and skin, you are going places.

What’s inside:
  • Pure Haven Hand Sanitizer 
  • Pure Haven Shampoo
  • Pure Haven Conditioner 
  • Pure Haven Body Wash
  • Pure Haven Deodorant
  • Pure Haven Body Butter

A portion of every sale goes back to No Shoes Reefs.  #goodforthebody #goodfortheocean = #onereefatatime